In 1958, Faz Elektrik was established as a private company by Ahmet TANER. During those years, it led the design and production of industrial motors and induction welding machines.


In 1966, the start of the automation industry in Turkey has encouraged Faz Elektrik to produce its first electric motors. First fan motors in Turkey were produced by Faz Elektrik.


In 1967, for the first time in Turkey wiper motor production has been started for automotive.


In 1973, Faz Elektrik has acquired the status of "joint stock company" on the way to institutionalization. In the same year, it moved to Bornova plants, which serve as production and company headquarters.


Since 1975, Faz Elektrik has developed electric motors for many purposes in line with the demands of the rapidly evolving electrical household appliances sector. At that time, the first automatic washing machine motors were started to be produced by the company.

In 1980, Faz Elektrik manufactured the first automatic washing machine pump motor.

In 1982, the second manufacturing facility was established in Bornova Pınarbaşı, Its closed area is 6000 m2. During those years, Faz Elektrik reached the ability to provide an international service for its customers in design and mold manufacturing.


In 1985, Faz Elektrik entered into the production of electrical appliances and equipment, the company started to work with world famous brands in a short time. In the same year, production of the first bypass broom motor started in Turkey.


In 1986, Faz gave a special importance to in-company training and after-sales service, and hence established the Apprenticeship School and the nationwide technical service department.


Since 1992, HVAC systems, drive motors and special parts of electrical appliances have been offered to world markets have developed exports rapidly


In 1995, DC motors production started.


In 1996, the first wheel chair motor in Turkey started to be produced.


In 2000, axial fan series started to be produced in Turkey for the first time. In the same year, the production of boiler engines started.


Since 2001, the first brushless motor production started in Turkey.


With the investment made in 2006, Faz has the opportunity to perform EMC tests of its products.


In 2011, the company started to produce flapper motors apart from the fans.


With the investment made in 2012, the armature line has been renewed. Thus, quieter, more efficient and longer-lived engines have begun to be produced.


For many years, Faz Elektrik has been deep knowhow about electronic R&D and designing of electronic drivers and controllers for motors. Recently, in 2016 Faz has made a huge jump by investing in electronic assembly systems.

On the same date, Faz became as a part of DCM Manufacturing Inc.
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