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Faz Elektrik is a premier supplier of AC and DC motors, fans and blowers for HVAC industry. We have a capacity to produce over a million AC + DC motors, fans and blowers annually for cars, busses, off-road vehicles, trucks, industrial equipment and appliances. We are committed to continuous improvement of quality, work place safety and protection of the environment. We have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949, and ISO 13485. Meeting customer needs with our core product categories and developing new products gave us opportunity to have the present range of products that we serve many HVAC and appliances producers around the World. click to continue


  • Faz & Kinetic Art

    Faz participates in various worldwide exhibitions particularly to introduce new products, such as Busworld Europe, IAA and Agritechnica. To promote art. FAZ … Click to continue…

  • Faz & Environment

    Environmental commitment and responsibility of Faz is to provide products and services that improve energy efficiency and reduce potential harm to the eco-system… Click to continue…

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