Faz Elektrik produces silent, high efficiency and long lived fans, blowers, AC motors, brushed and brushless DC motors and drivers in its production facility on an area of 20 thousand square meters, with expert staff and over fifty years experience.

In its fully designed and vertically integrated modern facilities, it has become a recognized brand in fan and ventilation in HVAC engines with its faultless production concept and principle.

Faz exports more than seventy percent of its production to USA and to many European countries including Germany, France and Switzerland which are the heart of the industry.

Faz has a capacity to produce more than one million engines annually. Automotive, white goods, heating-cooling, electrical appliances, automatic sliding door, marine etc. it can produce products in standard and quality to meet the needs of many different industries.

For many years, Faz Elektrik has been deep knowhow about electronic R&D and designing of electronic drivers and controllers for motors. Recently, in 2016 Faz has made a huge jump by investing in electronic assembly systems.

Faz Elektrik has more than half a century of experience which is one of the most important producers of the industry. Faz became as a part of DCM Manufacturing Inc. in 2016.

Merkez: 129/21 Sokak No:4 Evka-3 Mah.
 35050 Bornova-İZMİR
Şirket Ortağı: Faz Trading İthalat İhracat Tic. A. Ş.
Ortaklık Payı: 100%
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı: Theodore John Berger Jr.
Adları soyadları: Üye Yok
Taahhüt edilen
Sermaye miktarı: 3.968.000,-TL
Ödenen sermaye Miktarı: 3.968.000,-TL.
Tic. Sic. No: Merkez-97423 K/574
Mersis No: 0385002270900017
San Oda No: 6980
Tic. Oda No: 30999,1
Telefon : :0232-478 18 98 (Pbx)
478 17 76  –  478 18 25
Fax: 478 17 75  –  478 18 13
e-mail: faz@faz.com.tr
Web: www.faz.com.tr
P.K. 713 İZMİR
P.K. 104 Bornova
Vergi No: Hasan Tahsin V.D. / 385 002 2709
129/21 Sok. No: 4 Evka 3 Mahallesi 35050 Bornova Izmir / TURKEY
+90 232 478 18 98 (PBX) Fax: +90 232 478 17 75 - 478 18 13