Brushless Products

Increasing market demand for longer life motors have initiated Faz to develop and produce BLDC motors and higher efficiency blowers.

Faz 3 inch and 4 inch Radial Blowers and 4 inch Axial Fan range delivers, eco-friendly, low noise, long life solutions.

With life time over 30000 hours Faz BLDC Axial Fans & Radial Blowers are tested according
to ISO 16750 for compliance and reliability.

Our radial blowers deliver from 600 m³/h to 1200 m³/h with an integrated or
independent electronic drive.

The Axial Fan range from 6,5” to 16” diameters can be equipped with straight or S-Blade configurations with IP68 ingress rated motor housing and integrated electronic drive.

All our BLDC fans & blowers are EMC tested and certified for compatibility.