Axial Fans With DC Motors

Faz offers a wide range of Axial Fans from 6.5 inches to 16 inches diameter. All our Axial Fans are powered with 4 inch motors with IP68 ingress rating. Our customers may choose our reversible propellers which are individually designed for every diameter in order to have flexibility. Our standard propeller designs are recommended for higher efficiency airflow. Faz patent protected S-Blade propellers provides high efficiency with reduced noise levels for more demanding applications.

Various combinations for our 130Watts, 160Watts and 225 Watts motors and our wide range of propellers produce multiple solutions for your applications from 500 m³/h to 3250 m³/h air flow.

International EMC certification according to automotive industry standards is available for all our Axial Fans. Our in house pre-compliance EMC lab gives us ability to test required EMC standards at our product design stage.

You will find a Blue-Tag or Red-Tag on our Axial Fans. Blue-Tag means Extreme Long Life ® (XLL) which runs over 20.000 hours, Red-Tag runs over 15.000 hours *.

Faz Axial Fans will be reliable and high efficiency solutions for your systems.

* The product must be powered with a nominal voltage that is ±10% of the recommended voltage (12 or 24 Volt DC) with a residual RIPPLE value lower than 1,0%;    operating temperature in working conditions must range between ‐20°C (‐4°F) and +80°C (+176°F) if not otherwise specified