Faz and affiliated companies PROPLAST and TUMSER occupy a 16.500 m² production area in IZMIR and accommodates over 300 employees and houses, engineering and as well R&D departments. With over 45 years of experience in electric motors design and manufacturing the company is a premier supplier of AC and DC motors, fans and blowers, We have a capacity to produce over a million AC + DC motors, fans and blowers annually for cars, busses, off-road vehicles, trucks, industrial equipment and appliances.

The uncompromising quality of our products, all designed and produced at our vertically integrated modern plants, has been the base of our worldwide acceptance for HVAC motors, fans and blowers.

We are committed to continuous improvement of quality, work place safety and protection of the environment. We have obtained ISO-9001 in June of 2000, ISO-13485 in March of 2008, ISO-14001 in April of 2009 and ISO-16949 in January of 2010.

With our unique position within the industry and our lean production strategy, we have production capacity for high volume runs and also have flexibility to meet our customers just-in –time schedules.

We are proud to have dedicated employees. Since long years we have minimized bureaucracy and encouraged entrepreneurial decision making by “open-door” management style.

Being a “Customer oriented company” we have long experience working with our customers at their system design stage. Meeting customer needs with our core product categories and developing new products gave us opportunity to have the present range of products that we serve many HVAC and appliances producers around the World.